Robert McDonough

America's Best Domains & Auctions (ABDA)

Great domains are highly sought after as we're seeing record sales of short and seasoned domains during 2020. Most of our domains we've owned 18+ yrs. Over $300k in domains sold already and we still have many of our best and shortest. We will consider cash offers, terms ($7500+), or lease options. Plz include the full domain (.com/.net) you're interested in purchasing along with your contact info. No domain under $1k or over $150k. Others selling similar names for $500k and up. Search past sales or send your legitimate appraisal along with your offer. We will make purchasing your domain easy and safe using escrow.com. Contact Bob or Cindy. Thank you.

Las Vegas, NV 89120 cindyling@abda.com | 702-726-2695